Issue 9 and Volume 157.

BY JERRY KNAPP Recently, the West Haverstraw (NY) Fire Depart- ment responded to an unusual extrication call. Dispatch reported an employee at the local supermarket had his hand stuck in the soda can recycling machine. On arrival, we found an 18-year-old male in extreme distress with his arm shoulder-deep in the machine. These machines execute thousands of safe transactions each day for customers. People, being creative, can find ways to misuse and make almost anything dangerous. In this case, several built-in safety features appeared to have been bypassed. We did think it unusual that the victim had opened the front cover of the machine and then stuck his hand in. Our job was to extricate him; the police would do the investigation. At this point in the extrication, we did not know the extent of the injury or the exact mechanism of his entrapment. Paramedics on the scene conducted an…

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