Issue 9 and Volume 157.

BY RAUL A. ANGULO, BURTON A. CLARK, AND STEVEN AUCH Look at the nationwide emphasis on rapid inter- vention team (RIT/RIC) and Saving Our Own training. Why? Because firefighters are still falling, getting injured, becoming trapped, and dying on the fireground at approximately 100 line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) per year! A recent article that gained national attention asked this question: With all the advancements made in personal protective clothing and equipment, why hasn’t this American LODD statistic declined in the past 30 years compared with firefighter fatalities in other foreign countries? One answer is that American firefighters still like fighting fires. Is Dr. Burton Clark reaching by comparing Mayday protocols to pilot ejection protocols? (“You Must Call for a Mayday for RIT to Work: Will You?” Fire Engineering, June 2003). Hardly. On March 23, 1998, the Los Angeles City (CA) Fire Department lost four firefighters and their patient, a little girl,…

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