Issue 9 and Volume 157.

BY MITCH BROOKS Drilling lock cylinders is nothing new to the fire service; however, it does seem to be a forgotten art. This method of through-the-lock forcible entry can be of value when faced with commercial structures such as office buildings, stores, and other structures that have a lock that can be readily drilled. Drilling cylinders is an effective and efficient way to gain entry into a structure without destroying a door, breaking glass, or losing the integrity of a door. This method of through-the-lock entry is ideal when facing a single lock on a commercial door with a fire alarm ringing and no smoke showing. It takes a little time, but not so much that it should be ruled out as a means of entry. The benefit of drilling a lock’s cylinder is that, if done correctly, the tumblers in the lock’s keyway are drilled out of the way,…

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