Issue 11 and Volume 157.

Anyone serious about this job recognizes the need for serious training. Training reinforces past lessons, teaches new ones, and is critical to building and maintaining teamwork. In addition, most departments and “governing bodies” require a certain number of educational hours to be documented each year. Good training officers work hard to make those required hours as fruitful as possible, minimizing the time spent trying to determine if that’s a flyspeck or a manufacturing defect on the ceiling tiles. Only the most arrogant rookies and the “4 2 5s” (four years of experience five times is not 20 years of experience!) dismiss the value of training, but, hey, they already possess all of the knowledge in the universe anyway. If you care about being the best, you train. You sacrifice the nights and weekends to make sure that when the bell rings or the pagers go off you provide a timely,…

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