Issue 12 and Volume 157.

Firefighters have much more on their training plate today than I did when I entered the fire service. Bunker gear, extrication tools, rabbit tools, reciprocating saws, rapid intervention teams, incident command, truss roofs, terrorism, and a whole host of other topics were not part of my training burden. Unfortunately, not much has been taken off the firefighters’ training plate while much has been added and continues to be added. Still, today’s firefighters, like the firefighters of yesterday, need to know not only how to do things but also why to do them. Leaving out the why leaves the firefighter only half-educated. Let’s continue to look at why we do what we do. PORTABLE LADDER PLACEMENT We place portable ladders differently at different locations. For example, we place the tip of the ladder two feet above the roof or parapet, level with the windowsill, and two feet above a fire escape…

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