Issue 12 and Volume 157.

There is no reason to be dismayed at the thought of having to purchase all of that specialized equipment needed for rapid intervention team (RIT) operations. You already have some basic RIT tools on your apparatus. Some of the basic tools you can use for RIT include the irons, sledgehammers, handlights, portable radios, handlines, SCBA, ladders, chain saws, hooks, and rope. Proactive RIT. When RIT members are awaiting activation to rescue downed or trapped firefighters, they should be performing fireground duties such as opening means of egress; placing ladders on all sides of the building to provide additional means of egress and bailouts; illuminating the fireground; continually sizing up the scene (which includes command and building operation); and setting up tools for RIT operations. Irons. Using the irons, the RIT can gain entry through locked doors as it opens up exits while in the proactive stage. During the interior search…

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