Issue 4 and Volume 158.

BY JAMES M. FOLEY In 1984, New Jersey enacted the Fire Safety Act, which established a statewide Fire Prevention Code. An important aspect of this was the retrofit fire code provision that required upgrades to improve the level of fire safety in older existing buildings. The code’s provisions were far-reaching, affecting almost all existing buildings to some extent. The code required upgrades to active and passive fire protection systems, including stair enclosures, interior finish treatments, fire doors, exit signs, emergency lighting, means of egress, fire alarm systems, and automatic sprinkler systems. 1(1) Front of 3 South Iowa Avenue; fire started on the third-floor balcony. (Photos by author.) Click here to enlarge image The Atlantic City (NJ) Fire Department (ACFD) Fire Prevention Division has spent many years enforcing the retrofit code and upgrading the older building stock in the city. Over the years, the problem that we have faced is measuring…

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