Issue 4 and Volume 158.

BY C. V. MARTINETTE JR. I believe that everything must be in balance for all things to be in good order. In my trench rescue world, I teach students to understand the art of stabilization from the point of view that the earth is always trying to reach some state of balance. When we dig a hole in the ground, we upset this balance, and, as the hole gets deeper, things keep getting further out of whack. BALANCE AND TRENCH STABILIZATION In the case of trench stabilization, if we intercede before the hole gets too deep, we are successful. If the hole gets too deep before we intercede, the earth takes care of the situation itself by collapsing and, as a result, bringing things back into the natural order of balance. When it comes to nature and its affinity for being balanced with regard to the trench world, we try…

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