Issue 4 and Volume 158.

Some cities are experiencing budget problems. The reasons vary from city to city. The Midwest has been hit hard. In Ohio, Cleveland and Dayton have had major cuts in staffing because of layoffs. Other parts of the country are struggling as well. In December, the Toledo (OH) Fire Department was scheduled to lay off 23 firefighters and two civilian dispatchers. That represents almost 0.05 percent of our authorized strength. Today, we were notified that there would be no cuts to uniformed employees in the fire department. However, the two civilian fire inspectors were laid off December 31. Toledo has been in a budget crisis for several years now. In 2004, we experienced a $4 million deficit. During the year, several civilian employees were laid off in the department. Civilian dispatcher vacancies have not been filled, and more than 13 staff firefighters were transferred back to field operations. My uniformed fire…

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