Issue 6 and Volume 158.

BY TOM BRENNAN Recently (in writing on a Web site), someone asked me a question that is becoming trite, “Chief, what do you prefer in extinguishing structure fire in an offensive mode-the super automatic nozzles or the ole smooth bore?” I thought for a second and then started in …. I really am getting bored and tired (I would have said sick and tired, but I am afraid of the first word at my age) with that question. “I have an answer,” I said, “for once and for all” (from my perspective). It doesn’t matter if you have your thumb over the open butt! Complicated or simple, expensive or less expensive nozzle equipment, shape of the hose stream and whether it has a hole in it or it is solid or the dimensions of the slugs or droplets of water-none of these factors will be able to make a poor…

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