Issue 7 and Volume 158.

Every department can conduct company-level drills at little to no cost and with very little lesson planning time. You may be asking how this can be done. Coffee talk-my homegrown term for drills of this sort and a fitting term, I think. Coffee talk is an off-the-cuff, or unplanned, company drill. Company members or senior members can present scenarios to the crew while sitting around the kitchen table any time during the shift. Members can discuss methods of operation when presented with different scenarios, often incorporating departmental standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well as company-specific functions. The most beneficial type of scenario is one that incorporates a photo. Members can glance at a photo of an occupancy or other challenging response area feature and discuss strategies and tactics as they relate to those scenes. Often, officers can throw in “conditions” in conjunction with the photo to see how members would…

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