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Drill of the Week: Firefighter Self Survival Practical

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Firefighter self survival encompasses a variety of skills. Each year, FDIC commits a tremendous amount of resources into providing attendees the skills necessary to ensure their and their fellow firefighters’ survival during every emergency call. RIT is an important component to any emergency call today with the RIT concept beginning to extend to nonstructural firefighting emergencies. Self rescue and survival is still of paramount importance. As we’re all taught in rookie school, each of us is number one.

This week’s drill covers 10 survival skills you can use to improve your chances of getting out of a tough situation unscathed. As a company, discuss and demonstrate these skills. Each of these skills are lessons learned from fire service tragedies that have claimed firefighters’ lives. Every member must know these skills and become proficient in them for their entire career.

The 10 skills are:

1. Tie a bowline knot.
2. Tie a handcuff knot.
3. Call Mayday and activate PASS.
4. Don/Doff SCBA.
5. Wall Breech.
6. Perform buddy breathing.
7. Follow coupling to exit.
8. Conserve air.
9. and 10. Quick escapes and bailouts.

The drill can be found at FirefighterCloseCalls.com.

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