Issue 8 and Volume 158.

BY FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN, SFPE (FELLOW) A reader asked the difference between a cockloft and an attic. A cockloft is a small space created when the roof is raised above the level of the flat beams to provide a pitch to drain rain and a vented air space to reduce top-floor temperatures. This is called an “inverted roof.” In row buildings, it is often the case that while brick nogging might have been used in a naïve attempt at a fire barrier, the cockloft is continuously open from building to building.1 I have argued not very successfully that such row buildings be regarded as just one building-the way the fire “sees” the building. However, designating the individual units as exposures has practical advantages in designating locations where crews should operate. Attics. An attic is created when a steep pitched roof is built to shed snow or heavy rain loads, or…

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