Issue 9 and Volume 158.

BY BILL GUSTIN Most engine companies are fairly proficient at stretching and advancing preconnected hoselines. This is primarily because most preconnects can be deployed easily and can be stretched by only one or two firefighters. There is also the factor of skill built on repetition-that is, preconnects are the most frequently used hose loads, particularly for rural and suburban fire departments. PRECONNECTS, PART 1: LOCATIONS, LOADS, AND “LEAD OUTS” PRECONNECTS, PART 2: HOSE LOADS PRECONNECTS, PART 3: EXTENDING THE HOSELINES Some engine companies show a weakness in situations, however infrequent, that require a stretch beyond the length of preconnects. Failure to effectively stretch a hoseline longer than a preconnect is usually the result of one or more of the following: lack of training, shortage of personnel, improper/inadequate size-up, and hose loads that are not configured to facilitate a long hand stretch. Stretching three-inch hose beyond the reach of preconnects: (1)…

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