Issue 9 and Volume 158.

BY MAURO V. “BUZZ” BALDANZA As I’m concluding this article, the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history has occurred in Red Lake, Minnesota.1 As the investigation continues, facts will be revealed about the shooter, the victims, the community, as well as the response by the area’s emergency services. I spoke with one of the law enforcement heads whose department responded to the incident to get basic information for a training session we are doing with five area police departments. He sounded exhausted and had been attending funerals for the victims. I won’t reveal what he mentioned to me, since the investigation is ongoing. One statement I can mention is from the end of our conversation: “We sat up here in the woods and thought it would never happen here.” Several fire service professionals from around the country shared their views for approaching and handling school shootings in Roundtable in…

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