Issue 10 and Volume 158.

BY CHARLES RIELAGE AND ANDREW REGISTER Starting in 2004, the Spiniello Company began repairing water mains in the village of Mariemont, Ohio, located just outside Cincinnati. The company was contracted by Cincinnati Water Works to rehabilitate the existing water mains in sections of the village. The technology the company uses allows it to clean the existing mains, most of which are 70 years old, and apply a high-tensile strength concrete spray to the inside of the mains, a less expensive alternative to excavating the mains completely and replacing large sections of pipe. Although this sounds like an easy task, it was very time-consuming and does affect department operations to a degree. The project started its second phase during the spring of 2005 and completed it by late summer. (1) An existing fire hydrant with a pressure-reducing valve supplying water to temporary water mains. Two to three fire hydrants are used…

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