Issue 10 and Volume 158.

Our department has been experimenting with oversized carabiners in rapid intervention training (RIT) operations. We have found them to be a very cost-effective means of speeding up RIT operations. The carabiners discussed here were purchased from a local hardware store for $4.99 each and can easily be handled with a gloved hand (photo 1). The webbing can be purchased for as little as 22 cents a foot. 1,2,3,4, Click here to enlarge image The clips can be used to secure the RIT bag to the downed firefighter. After locating the firefighter, mitigating his problem, and connecting him to a supplemental air supply, you will have to secure the bag to the downed fighter before you can move him to an area of safety. We used to practice disconnecting the shoulder strap from the bag and weaving it under the shoulder straps of the SCBA (photo 2). Although this is an…

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