Issue 11 and Volume 158.

BY ERIC G. BACHMAN You should gather preincident intelligence on all facilities you protect. Even if the facility is considered not to be a threat, preincident intelligence and planning are essential to reduce surprises and to improve the safety of your personnel. Sometimes we become complacent with our facilities. With infrequent incidents comes the perception of little threat. However, fire officials must gain an understanding of potential situations and their impact on our services. You cannot let your guard down and assume that a facility is of little significance or challenge based on the history of the facility (no or few incidents), the nature of the operation (reduced chance of fire), low life hazard, or the types of materials handled (nonflammable or hazardous). Lack of incidents does not mean lack of threat or vulnerability. We must be prepared to respond to industry-specific incidents. No fire department can handle every situation…

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