Issue 11 and Volume 158.

BY GREGORY HAVEL Lightweight steel framing is a common construction method that includes the open-web girders and joists, the floor or roof decks that they support, and the structures that support them. The framing and deck assembly is designed to support itself and permanently attached equipment (dead load), plus the building contents, people, and wind and snow loads (live load) with a calculated amount of deflection. Lightweight steel framing is a system: All of the parts depend on the other parts for structural strength and integrity and on the connection of each component to the others (photo 1). For example, 1) Joist girders run from the foreground to the far wall, supported by columns and the precast structural wall panels. They are spanned by steel bar joists. The diagonal wind braces supporting the wall panels will be removed after the majority of the steel deck panels are connected. This will…

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