Issue 11 and Volume 158.

BY ROBERT E. ZAPATKA It is estimated that there are more than one million firefighters in the United States today, consisting of career, volunteer, part-time paid, municipal, marine, military, wildland, and various combinations of each. The vast majority of these firefighters fall under the banner of municipal, though that one-size-fits-all designation can be broken down even further to big city, county, small town, or rural. These are the individuals and departments that get all of the attention in the mainstream media whenever there is a major incident, and by all means these brave firefighters should be recognized for their efforts. Even publications such as this one and others are geared toward the municipal firefighter because that’s where the largest customer base can be found. Industrial firefighters are highly skilled in practically all aspects of firefighting, including interior. They are certified to the new NFPA 1081, Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade…

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