Truck Company


Issue 1 and Volume 159.

BY TOM BRENNAN We have been talking (at least I was), about those tactics, tasks, and procedures that occur on most well-trained operations that support aggressive structure firefighting. They are “done,” but are there any negative ramifications that would make things easier and safer for us? Just talking the basics of forcible entry can bring us to America’s commercial entrance locking assemblies-the glass and metal doors. We have beaten to death the fact that the cylinders should be pulled on these assemblies as a matter of routine, mostly because it is easier once you believe in it-but more importantly, it removes the glass-sharded entrapment opening resulting from just breaking the glass. However, there is an often-overlooked step that we should say something about. Most of these assemblies are double doors, few of which have tumbler locks on each of the facing doors. If we take the time to lift and…

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