Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 1 and Volume 159.

BY JOHN A. VAN DOREN You are a fire officer in your small town. This simple statement carries a considerable amount of responsibility. There is so much you must know and need to consider just to make the call, if your true intentions are to save the lives and protect the property for which you are responsible. Initial response. What is your thought process as you receive the call for a house fire, try to get out of your house with a mouth full of food, two kids crying for hugs and kisses, and an “understanding” wife (or husband) who shoots you that familiar look? If you make it to your personal vehicle, you must remember that between 20 and 25 percent of all firefighter fatalities and numerous life-altering injuries are related to vehicle accidents going to and returning from your call. Of these fatalities, 85 percent occurred while volunteers…

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