Preplanning Building Hazards

Issue 1 and Volume 159.

BY FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN, SFPE (FELLOW) Editor’s note: For further reference, consult Building Construction for the Fire Service, Third Edition (BCFS3). Page numbers, where applicable, are included after the caption. Click here to enlarge image ▲ This termite-infested church column will burn very rapidly. It may be replaced with an unprotected steel column. Click here to enlarge image ▲ These trusses collapsed as a result of exposure to the chemical action of fumes from the production process. Click here to enlarge image ▲ The handyman hired to dig a basement under this log cabin made this beam out of two very old barn beams and a piece of plywood.Note the cutout in one of the beams. There was no collapse, so now he knows how to do it because he is experienced. Not all “experience” is good; some is very bad. Click here to enlarge image ▲ As this building…

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