Firefighter Training


Issue 1 and Volume 159.

BY RICHARD MARINUCCI As the fire chief or the head of a division, you are responsible for all the services provided within your domain even though you may not directly provide them. What do you do when a key staff member leaves his position in the department and you do not have a replacement readily available? This vacant position can be anyone (and all staff are key, or you wouldn’t need them!) in any division (fire prevention, training, finance and budgeting, special projects, and secretarial or clerical personnel). That is the topic of this month’s discussion. I have selected one position, but the issues are relevant to any vacancy. THE SCENARIO Your training officer just left the department to pursue other interests. Because of circumstances beyond your control, you cannot immediately fill the position. The training in your department must continue without interruption. We all know how important it is…

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