Issue 2 and Volume 159.

BY WILLIAM BRIGDEN In any emergency, responders must work around static factors. Taking into account the static factors helps you to determine if you should employ an offensive or defensive strategy or one of nonintervention. You must act quickly and methodically. Figure 1 Click here to enlarge image What factors should be included in a complete assessment of a haz-mat incident? Although incidents may vary, some factors occur at every incident. Focusing on these points helps you recall the general fields of “need-to-know” risk-related information that will lay the foundation for all strategic and tactical decisions. This information also outlines and identifies safety concerns related to all personnel. You must use information that is as complete and as accurate as possible, and it must be continually monitored, updated, and assessed. THE “MADDER” RISK ASSESSMENT PROCESS The “MADDER” risk assessment process (Materials; Amount; Damage; Duress; Exposures; Response conditions) follows the flow…

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