Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 2 and Volume 159.

By Don Maxwell When the station tones ring and you make your way to the apparatus, many things are quickly going through your mind. On top of the list are how you are going to respond in the safest manner and the most expedient route to the incident scene. The first concern relies on training, experience, and common sense. Regarding the second issue, maps-station wall maps and apparatus response maps-are critical tools for improving your company’s effectiveness. In those instances where your company is not familiar with the area to which you are responding, do you have these tools to help make the response as smooth as possible? Does your department provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible? What can you do to enhance your department’s response capabilities? MAPPING 1) Wall maps are useful guides for quick route or specialized information. (Photos by author.) Click here to…

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