Issue 2 and Volume 159.

BY CHRIS WHITBY In various recent fire training publications, including Fire Engineering, I have seen some great articles on firefighter survival, FAST (firefighter assist and search team) evolutions, SCBA skills, and even one on a technique to prevent a firefighter from losing his gloves as he is masking up at the door. One thing that stands out in these and other articles is that participants in such training sometimes are not wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) and, in some cases, are encouraged to remove it during drills. In one article, firefighters were conducting firefighter survival training. The accompanying photos show personnel using a personal life rope as they perform a rope bailout maneuver (i.e., exiting a structure from an elevated position using a personal life rope). None of the members shown are wearing SCBA. By omitting SCBA in this training, students missed out on experiencing the physical stress of…

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