Firefighter Training


Issue 2 and Volume 159.

● FERRARA FIRE APPARATUS, INC. delivered the first of three Ferrara Strong Arm firefighting apparatus to the Istanbul Metropolitan Authority in Turkey. The Strong Arm was designed and engineered by Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. in a joint venture with Gradall, a manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial telescopic hydraulic excavators. It features Ferrara’s Inferno custom fire chassis with independent front suspension, a heavy-duty extruded aluminum body, and Gradall’s FA-50 triangle-shaped hydraulic teleboom equipped with the Fifth Man nozzle. ● As part of its Home Heating Safety Campaign, the RICHMOND (VA) FIRE DEPARTMENT (RFD) offers a Safety Stick, a brightly colored square plastic walking stick the sides of which are embossed respectively with the department’s name, a fire safety message, contact information for the department’s home fire safety programs, and a yardstick. The fire safety slogan is “Portable Heaters Need Space-Keep Three Feet From Heat.” The Safety Stick helps residents ensure that there…

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