Issue 2 and Volume 159.

BY DAVE WALSH Firefighters are inherently clever folks, operating under the motto, “There’s always a better way.” Here are some basic “tricks of the trade” that various firefighters have come up with over the years. None of these will create an unsafe situation or change the way you do things; instead, they will hopefully allow you to do things better or easier. Thanks to all the fire departments and firefighters who have developed and submitted these “tricks.” Keep them coming! 1. Photos by author. Click here to enlarge image Protecting SCBA. The first technique concerns firefighter survival and FAST (firefighter assist and search team) training. SCBA bottles can get pretty banged up during this type of training, which can easily damage a bottle beyond repair, thus making for an expensive training evolution. To protect your SCBA, take an old scrap of larger-diameter hose (LDH), preferably at least three-inch, but any…

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