Firefighter Training


Issue 4 and Volume 159.

A couple of years ago I wrote about the “department within the department,” a condition at some volunteer fire organizations in which a small group of individuals realize that the parent organization’s attitude toward professionalism and training leaves much to be desired (“Professional Volunteers,” Volunteers Corner, Fire Engineering, March 2003). Usually, this situation arises because of a failure of leadership from the top down, and most of the people who serve have collectively become complacent or, worse, arrogant. A bias toward shortcuts and half-measures has taken firm root in the group as a whole. In contrast, I described this inner department as “a core of serious and committed individuals who depend on each other, embrace the brotherhood concept, and train/work together seamlessly.” If you have one of these “teams” in your department, then I bet the team members are largely responsible for whatever professional image the fire department has, because…

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