Issue 4 and Volume 159.

BY CARL BITTENBENDER In North America, the fall and winter months bring colder temperatures, requiring home and business owners to use heating equipment for interior climate control. Heating equipment can include traditional fossil-fuel burning fireplaces, high-efficiency gas-fired forced-air heaters, direct-vent and ventless fireplaces, and kerosene and electric space heaters. Some departments may also encounter home cooking appliances used as improvised heating appliances, such as electric and gas ovens and stovetop burners. Each call involving home heating equipment will challenge responders differently. We may be required to use unique extinguishment methods, climb into tight crawl spaces or attics to access the equipment, or ask occupants multiple questions about an odor’s history to find the source of a problem. Responders may also have to use gas meters to check for hazards in an occupancy. CO ALARM On November 21, 2005, at 1452 hours, Evesham (NJ) Fire-Rescue responded to a carbon monoxide (CO)…

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