Engine Company


Issue 4 and Volume 159.

An assignment of two engine companies, one truck company, one rescue company, and a chief has just been dispatched to a report of a fire at a residential address. It is 1100 hours on a Saturday morning in October. The weather is clear and the temperature is seasonable. Engine 24 has started its response. By the running assignment and the address, crew members know they will be the second engine company on the scene. As they respond, they hear the incident commander on the radio. He has arrived on the scene. He reports a working fire in a 2½-story residential dwelling and continues the report with the building’s construction type, size, exposures, and general conditions. Shortly after the IC’s report, the first engine company arrives on the scene. Engine 33 radios that it has secured its own water supply and is stretching a 1¾-inch hoseline for interior attack, as the…

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