Engine Company, Firefighting


Issue 4 and Volume 159.

BY JERRY KNAPP, CHRISTOPHER FLATLEY, AND TIM PILLSWORTH We have all been there, sitting around the kitchen table talking about nozzles. The classic argument was solid bore vs. combination nozzle for aggressive interior fire attack. There were always lots of opinions supported by years of experience; they always ended with a favorite method and a description of the “only right way to extinguish the fire.” The right way, however, is what works in your community with your engine company system, your engine, your lines, your nozzles, and your members. An important factor that always comes up during these discussions is nozzle reaction. This article presents a simple, efficient, and cost-effective method for an engine company to measure nozzle reaction and to demonstrate it during training or nozzle testing. Measuring and verifying the characteristics of nozzle reaction are an important part of your department’s nozzle-selection process, as nozzle reaction will affect…

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