Firefighter Training


Issue 4 and Volume 159.

BY CURTIS RICE AND BRUCE CLARK When considering training in an acquired structure, the first questions you should ask are, What type of training do we need, and how much damage can it cause to the structure? These questions will help you better focus your energy on finding structures to meet these needs. Not every type of training involves burning down a structure or cutting holes in the roof. If your intentions are to do search and rescue or advance hoseline drills, limited damage should be done to the structure. If your intention is a full-scale drill with live smoke or fire, chances are that the building will have to be demolished because of the extent of the damage it suffered. TYPES OF DRILLS Generally, your drills will be one of three types. • Nondestructive. This degree of damage would be expected with simple search or advancing hoseline drills, where…

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