Extrication Zone


Issue 4 and Volume 159.

BY LES BAKER Many fire service training institutes have developed basic auto extrication courses based on requirements found in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications; however, the course length is generally limited to 16 hours. These courses are usually divided into four to five hours of classroom presentation; the remainder of the time is used for completing practical evolutions. This is a short time frame within which to cover all aspects of extrication, including vehicle design and new technology, the 10-step extrication process, and all associated tools and tactics. To ensure that students grasp the necessary knowledge and skills in this short time frame and will be able to execute extrication procedures, the instructor must make learning an active process. Students actively involved in the learning process retain more information and recall it more quickly because they have discussed it, thought about it, and…

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