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Drill Of The Week: NFPA 1410 Engine Evolution #4

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This week’s drill focuses on wyed fire attacks. There are various reasons to deploy two 1 3/4″ lines from a gated wye at the scene of a fire. Your department SOPs may call for members to deploy the gated wye prior to reverse laying to a hydrant. Or, in the case of many suburban homes, the hose stretch from the truck to the front door of a dwelling may max out your preconnected handlines, so stretching a 2 1/2″ line connected to a gated wye with two 1 3/4″ handlines from the truck to a position closer to the dwelling is most appropriate. Whatever the reason, you will probably have to get something similar set up during your career. The object of this week’s drill is to use a 2 1/2″ gated wye appliance, place an initial attack line (1 3/4″) of at least 150 feet and back-up line (2 1/2″) of at least 150 feet in service using units and staffing of the average number of personnel that ordinarily respond.

Remember: instructors/officers should substitute their department standard hose sizes, manpower, and procedures for the evolution. The evolution described in this week’s drill is a guide to help set up an initial attack evolution.

The complete drill with evaluation criteria is located at FirefighterCloseCalls.com.