Firefighting, Technical Rescue


Issue 5 and Volume 159.

BY RICHARD HAMPTON AND TIMOTHY McCONNELL Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating disaster to ever hit the United States. Its path of destruction in Mississippi and Southeast Louisiana is unparalleled, only to be compounded by the near total inundation of the City of New Orleans. The challenges facing the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) during the storm and response in the aftermath are unprecedented. Our preparedness, training, skill, and determination allowed us not only to respond but also to excel under the most adverse conditions, conditions which seemed to overwhelm most other governmental agencies. The following narrative of life-changing events attests to our deep pride in being firefighters and members of our remarkable profession. The assertive thinking and courageous actions of the firefighters we have had the pleasure of working with is very humbling. Although every heroic story may never be told, the many unsung heroes in our department deserve…

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