Providing Turnkey Tower Solutions

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The Will-Burt Company, manufacturer of the Night Scan® line of light towers and telescoping masts, was incorporated in 1918. Located in Orrville, Ohio USA, Will-Burt has 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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Celebrating 25 years in the light tower business, Will-Burt continues to innovate and provide quality products with full service capabilities. As apparatus are continually upgraded so are Night Scan Light towers. Will-Burt’s dedicated team of engineers incorporates the latest technology and customer requirements that offer fast, accurate performance as well as reliability and value.

Because scene lighting and surveillance is critical to emergency, fire and disaster operations, the full Night Scan line includes the Chief, Powerlite®, Profiler®, Vertical and Light Duty Towers. With extended heights to 42 feet and up to 9,000 watts of light, the Night Scan line offers the flexibility needed for all nighttime operations.

The Night Scan Chief®, Powerlite and Profiler are all roof-mounted fold down towers. These are optimal for maximizing roof and compartment space. Night Scan Vertical towers are perfect for situations in which maximum payload height is critical. Lights, antennas and cameras can be mounted easily. New to the line is the Light Duty Vertical Tower. This tower is lightweight and quick to deploy for situations in which supplementary lighting is necessary.

Full service is provided with all Will-Burt products. The Will-Burt Mast Service Center is staffed with a team of factory-trained professionals who perform installations, routine maintenance and tower overhauls. A tower can be shipped or brought to the Orrville, Ohio location. In addition, a team of professionals travel to customer locations worldwide to service Will-Burt products.

Will-Burt provides the top suppliers in the fire, emergency and disaster industries with turnkey tower solutions. Turn to Will-Burt for a full line of both standard and custom tower solutions. www.willburt.com.