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Delivering Total Fire Suppression Solutions Worldwide Since 1886

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In 1886, the Waterous Company set up its fire engine manufacturing operations in the quiet riverside city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Company first began producing steam fire engines, hook and ladder trucks and later switched to horse-drawn gasoline fire engines and motorized apparatus. With innovative and quality equipment the Company quickly found success in the growing city. So successful in fact that during the late 1800’s, Waterous pumpers were considered to be the best in the business.

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After years of manufacturing top-of-the-line pumpers, the Company started to shift its focus to other types of fire suppression equipment. Beginning in 1929, the company stopped building fire apparatus’ altogether and began specializing in fire pumps, hydrants and accessories. By the early 1960’s Waterous also started to manufacture valves. And, while equipment changed over the years, the innovative spirit behind the Waterous Company never did.

Waterous Fire Pump Technology: Waterous’ fine-tuned fire pump technology provides fire industry professionals with state-of-the-art equipment. The Company’s midship pumps are highly evolved and highly effective for any type of fire suppression application. Because of their quality craftsmanship, the Waterous midship-mounted pumps have quickly become the primary firefighting tools of the American fire service.

Waterous also manufactures complete lines of portable pumps, motor pumps, PTO-driven pumps and specialty pumps used in Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting. Designed for any type of emergency fire suppression application, Waterous pumps work for wild land fires, urban emergencies or remote rural settings.

Waterous CAFSytems™ Technology: One of the primary focuses at Waterous is compressed air foam technology. From battling the big blazes in urban settings with the Eclipse Series CAFS to fighting wild land fires with Modular Slide-In Units, Waterous offers CAFSystems, CAFS upgrades and accessories to meet the needs of the global firefighting community.

At their Arizona Operations facility Waterous manufactures over 30 different CAFSystems available to meet the needs of new apparatus applications or retrofits. The Company also provides on-site demonstrations for new CAFSystems purchases and puts customers in touch with experts who can provide CAFS attack training.

Innovation That Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty: Since it first opened its doors back in the 1800’s Waterous has continued to develop industry-leading innovations. Most recently the Company was credited with developing an advanced foam proportioning system and a lightweight aluminum transmission case.

The Advantus™ foam system, released in April 2006, is a foam proportioner that is more reliable, more accurate and more efficient than volume-based units. Using proven conductivity-based technology, the Advantus accurately balances foam concentrate with water by sampling the water and subsequently the foam solution to maximum efficiency. Regardless of the water supply and foam concentrate being used, the Advantus will make the appropriate adjustments to deliver the most effective and economic foam solution, even in ultra low-flow conditions.

Developing new and improved equipment stems from Waterous’ ongoing commitment to provide customers with performance-enhancing products, especially when it comes to the heart of their product line–fire pumps. Recently, a new case design for pump transmissions was designed for a lighter weight and better performing apparatus. The design, which features aluminum construction, dissipates heat at a more efficient rate for less wear and longer product life.

Mobile Demonstration Unit & Service:Since 1958 the Waterous Mobile Demonstration Unit has traveled the country, showing fire fighters how to maintain one of the most critical components of the fire apparatus-the fire pump. It is a commitment to service and to its customers that has made the Mobile Demonstration Unit the success it is, even more so with the development of compressed air foam systems.

Timing is a critical issue for emergency service providers, which is why the Waterous Company makes sure that their customers are well informed on their equipment.

Quality Products. Professional Craftsmen:From advanced engineering to precision manufacturing, the philosophy behind the company starts with the experienced professionals that work there. Dedicated employees design and manufacture cutting-edge parts that are carefully machined on state-of-the-art equipment. All Waterous equipment is quality assured through strict process evaluation and manufacturing review. Products from Waterous translate into more reliable fire suppression capabilities and more options for improving existing apparatus capabilities.

Complete Fire Suppression Solutions: Waterous continues to service all aspects of the fire service industry with innovative products and equipment. The dedication, training and engineering of Waterous has made it one of the most requested names in pumps, power take-offs, valves, hydrants and CAFS.