Industrial Firefighting

The most innovative, modern breathing air systems available

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Eagle Compressors, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-pressure breathing air systems and components. Our product is a key capital item for municipal, volunteer, military and industrial firefighting as well as diving and hazardous environment operations.

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Under the EagleAir™ brand, our products feature the most comprehensive, innovative and modern breathing air systems available today for re-filling SCBA and SCUBA cylinders. User-friendly design concepts engineered for maximum operator safety are at the core of design ideology.

Our products are designed and specifically selected for each customer allowing them to achieve their fire protection strategy. Whether the application is for stationary or mobile systems, we have the experience and design expertise to help customers select the ideal system to meet their objective. Advanced design technology, un-matched experience and commitment to our customers drive our products to the top of their class in every product group.

EagleAir™ breathing air systems, backed by the un-surpassed passion of our skilled employees and investment in technology tools, are designed to give our customers maximum utility and value for their trust in us.