Firefighting, Truck Company


Issue 6 and Volume 159.

BY BILL GUSTIN The gasoline-powered rotary saw is a powerful and effective rescue, forcible entry, and ventilation tool. A saw’s safety, performance, and reliability depend on how well the saw is maintained, the skill of the operator using it, and the operator’s knowledge of cutting techniques. A rotary saw’s performance depends on how well it is maintained and the operator’s skill. Here, a probationary firefighter practices cutting an overhead rolling door. His objective is to cut a vertical slice to reach and operate the door’s hoisting chain. (Photos 1 and 2 by Danny Hammontree.) Click here to enlarge image null FUEL PROBLEMS Small-engine mechanics will tell you that the vast majority of power saws sent to their shops for repair are there because of fuel problems. The main reason is that as gasoline ages, it tends to form a varnish that coats and clogs carburetor jets and other components. This…

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