Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 6 and Volume 159.

By William C. Peters I have been involved in nearly 200 factory inspection trips of all types, and I consider the trips to be essential to the successful completion of an apparatus delivery. Some elected officials or city managers may feel that the trips are a free “junket” that reward the truck committee. However, if they are done properly, nothing could be further from the truth. Typically, there are three types of factory inspection trips: Preconstruction Conference; Completed Chassis, In-Process, or Pre-Paint Inspection; and Final Inspection. The truck committee makes each trip at different points in the production of the apparatus, and each has a different purpose. Preconstruction Conference When fire apparatus are specified, the purchaser is in the difficult position of trying to walk the fine line between using a manufacturer’s spec “as is” or trying to identify and outline all of the details of the apparatus in his…

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