Issue 7 and Volume 159.

BY FRANK C. MONTAGNA We are told that when traversing a fire escape, we should step lightly, position each foot on the tread alongside the riser, and keep one hand free for climbing. Why? FIRE ESCAPE SAFETY The reason is that fire escapes, often old and in disrepair, can be dangerous places. A common point of failure is the stair tread. By stepping gently near the riser where the tread connects to it, you are stepping on the tread’s strong point, putting less strain on old and possibly corroded connections and reducing the likelihood of tread failure. Truckies carrying tools and climbing up a fire escape should put the tools in one hand, leaving the other hand free to grasp the railing or ladder rung. Should a tread fail or some other mishap occur while climbing, one hand will be available to steady yourself or prevent your fall. From a…

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