Firefighter Training


Issue 7 and Volume 159.

BY STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI How many times have you heard this from your crews or personnel, “Let’s cancel training (or the drill tower) today because it is raining (or too hot)”? I have heard that numerous times, more times than I care to mention. Every Friday and Saturday, we hold a multicompany training session at our drill tower. Typically, four companies and one chief officer get together and simulate an emergency scene outside at the drill tower. However, on rainy days, it is not uncommon to have the drill tower exercise cancelled so we don’t get injured working outside in wet and slippery conditions. Or, it is too hot, and we do not want to overheat our personnel and dehydrate them. I can somewhat accept that from a safety standpoint, but is it not true that fires and emergencies occur in all types of weather? Many times the rain, heat, or…

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