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Drill of the Week: Truck Company Functions

Drill of the Week: Truck Company Functions
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Truck companies perform varied tasks at fire scenes. These tasks include forcible entry, ventilation, search and rescue, lighting/power, laddering, and aerial streams. Members of truck companies must possess knowledge and skills in these and other areas. This week’s drill presents several topics for discussion the next time you meet to drill on truck company functions. Also remember that in many areas, a rescue company is dispatched automatically for any working structure fire. IN addition to specialized rescue operations, personnel from a rescue company will often perform truck company functions. This drill is also appropriate for engine companies. At any time, any firefighter may be called upon to complete any truck company task.

The discussion topics for this drill focus on the truck company tasks listed above. Many of these tasks are completed according to policies and procedures your department has established. Begin the discussions by covering your department’s procedures for completing these tasks. For instance, what is your department’s policy for searching above the fire without a hoseline in place? What are the department procedures for accessing a peaked roof for vertical ventilation? Follow these discussion points by going over the tools your department has to complete these tasks. Although every department has different policies and procedures, there is little disagreement that truck company functions are critical to effective engine company operations.

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