Fire EMS


Issue 9 and Volume 159.

BY CHRISTOPHER PIEPENBURG It is a warm spring day. You and your crew have just finished eating your noon meal. You look out off the balcony of your station to see the new urban sprawl taking place within a mile of your station. As you stand there reminiscing about what that area looked like a year ago, the station tones blare out a technical rescue response, “Rescue 3, Tower and Medic 35, respond for a party trapped at the construction site at the corner of Lima and Briarwood.” You arrive on-scene to find construction workers waving their arms and shouting near the edge of a trench. The construction foreman tells you one of his pipe layers is trapped under a 4-foot by 20-foot sewer pipe that is wedged in the trench. The worker can still talk and says he is trapped from the waist down and cannot get out. Once…

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