Technical Rescue


Issue 9 and Volume 159.

BY AUGUST VERNON Today’s “bad guys,” criminals and terrorists, are more determined and heavily armed than ever before, and crisis situations such as terrorist attacks, illicit labs, civil unrest, active shooters, barricaded subjects, and hostage takings are occurring with alarming frequency. Increasingly, fire and emergency medical service (EMS) responders are finding themselves drawn into these types of events. Remember to follow local guidelines and procedures; this article is for informational and educational purposes only. Many of these types of events cannot be peacefully resolved or negotiated, as was the case at the Bank of America in North Hollywood (CA) shootout and the Columbine High School attack in Littleton, Colorado. One important note to remember is that there are active hate groups and extremists in all 50 states. ACTIVE SHOOTINGS Mass shootings are very dynamic situations and may involve numerous casualties. An active shooting may be ongoing even as you arrive.…

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