Engine Company, Firefighting


Issue 10 and Volume 159.

BY CHRISTOPHER FLATLEY, JERRY KNAPP, AND TIM PILLSWORTH Extinguishing the fire is the most basic and most critical operation for all fire departments. It is our most important task, our mission. We can be successful without many other operations on the fireground, but we cannot succeed without extinguishing the fire. Additionally, our doctrine for structure fires sends truck company members into the building for search and rescue before the fire attack begins. Rapid, aggressive, and effective fire attack will prevent these members from being injured or killed by rapid fire development, flashover, or backdraft and will help ensure success for our overall fireground operation. The purpose of this article is to provide a method for establishing and testing your target flow. Providing the attack line with the proper nozzle pressure and flow is critical to a successful structural fire attack. The combination of correct flow and pressure is the target…

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