Engine Company, Firefighting

Hose stretches in multiple-dwelling fires

Issue 10 and Volume 159.

BY DAN SHERIDAN Certain areas of New York City have entire blocks of buildings, including large H-types, that have one or two entrances through interior courtyards. These structures are often located where engine companies are spread out and have minimal staffing. Upper Manhattan and the Riverdale section in the Bronx are areas that have some of the largest non-fire-resistive buildings. Look in your own area, and you may find a few as well. It is not unusual to have a stretch that will require 12 to 15 hose lengths. The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) training bulletin Multiple Dwellings states, “All available engine companies should be used to stretch the first line.” With all the turns and twists and the number of lengths required, it would not be unusual to involve the first three engine companies (each with four firefighters) in getting the first line in operation. If companies…

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