Educating Our Own

Issue 10 and Volume 159.

BY BOBBY HALTON I HAVE A CONFESSION: ALTHOUGH I HAVE BEEN IN THE fire service for my entire adult life, I have not been as interested, involved, or active in the code development process as I should be. I have never served as an inspector or a fire marshal and, in hindsight, deeply regret not spending some time in that critical pursuit. I would have been a better firefighter had I spent the time and energy required to function competently in code enforcement, inspections, and plans review. Today we are faced with a double-edged crisis: First, we are not educating enough of our members in fire protection safety, engineering, or technology. Second, we are virtually absent in the process of code and standards development. We have had an embarrassing history of allowing civilians to speak for our profession. This is unacceptable given the character, quality, and talents within the American…

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